Tuesday, July 31, 2012

we have a new catalog with all the Ybody Stencils .. i am going to try and load it here for you to be able to flip the pages and check out all the great designs!
Enjoy !!!

Click to view catalog here

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the winner is....

And the winner is....Anne! Several people read these posts and voted on who would win. It was NOT an easy decision. We decided to send everyone that entered a really awesome coupon code for YBodyUSA. I will get that to you soon-Thank you so much for sharing your stories. When you share- you inspire other people. That is really amazing. Keep using art for good!! Next contest coming soon so keep checking back to see what's new.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How do you Glitter for Good?

We want to know how you have used your artist skills to help other people? Have you donated time to a worthy cause? Have you done some great glittering with kids? Tell us about it! YBodyUSA donates to several places but the little things we do also make a big difference. Last fall we were part of a Barn Party at a local church picnic. Everyone loved the glitter tattoos and we had a wonderful time bringing our talents to new people. So what about you?

How  to enter: Post your "Glitter for Good" story in the comment field
End Time: 2 weeks - Tuesday June 26th, 2012 
Prize- PRO Kit 

Meet the YBody USA Family

YBodyUSA is run by the fantastic Tal Thompson. She has put herself into creating a company that is all about family. She has 2 very creative young boys that keep her moving. She not only sells YBody glitter tattoos- she is an artist and constantly trains and practices to make the mundane beautiful.
 Next, you should meet Paula (me) Thomasson.  I have been with Tal for over a year as her wing man. She is a great friend and wonderful boss. I get to bring my son with me to work everyday. Even that wasn't enough for Tal- she made the entire front room of our office into a playroom. She doesn't just call this a family business- she PROVES it.
     Then we have Lesly Rollins- the newest to the YBodyUSA family. Lesly is also a stay at home Mom that now has the opportunity to work. She brings her daughter into the office with her as well. Lesly has turned out to be a great artist and she has been working hard to hone her skills. She recently proved her talents at one of our "Glitter Jams".

Monday, February 27, 2012

A new contest and some Great Prices!!!

ok gang here it is.. the moment you all been waiting for .. Ybody in the USA announcing the start of a new contest all are welcome to join. if you are our of the US we request that you pay the difference in shipping..

contest starts: Right now
contest ends: a week from today March 5th at 8 pm EST

how to join the contest: you have to post an image on our wall and have yor friends vote for you by placing the word "vote" as a comment under your pic. you cannot have people vote twice and "likes" don't count as a vote. ay other comment such as "thank you" will not be counted as a vote... we will check those closely..

Prize: This time around we will have 2 winners. one that will have the most votes and the other will be the one we like the most! we will give away 2 Pro kits that retail for $116 each!!!

Theme: Ok this one is different and very exciting..
the theme is Ybody. your pic has to include something Ybody in it..
either our logo, the name Ybody painted with glitter,
someone famous holding one of our products or painted with our glitter ... pic of our products in a popular or famous landmark .. anything you can think of :) the sky is the limit.. if you use a stencil along with your design it MUST be a Ybody stencil .. it does not HAVE to be a tattoo but it has to be Ybody.. make it cool, make it funny, sparkly, or any other artistic way you can think you could display our name/logo !!!

good luck to all.. we cant wait to see your ideas ... !!! let us know if you have any questions!!!
  Glitter Tattoos supply and be found on our website at http://www.shopglittertattoos.com/