Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Have a glittery holiday!

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?  Why not give the gift of sparkle?  Our glimmer tattoo sets are the perfect gift for girls or boys of any age.  We have glitter tattoo kits in every size and price range.  Whether you want to stuff a socking with our shimmer tattoo teaser kit, give the gift of a party kit or get someone started on a new business venture with one of our professional glitter tattoo kits, we have everything you need!

Girls love the way our glitter tattoos shimmer and if you have boys on your list, Colorini body ink is a great addition to our glitter sets.  Use the Colorini body ink along with our stencils to make realistic looking tattoos that boys especially love (older girls too!).
For teenagers and adults, our henna kit is a great option.  This kit includes everything you need to get started making beautiful henna tattoos. 

In short, YBody glitter tattoos can fulfill all of your holiday shopping needs.  Still have questions?  Contact us at ybodyusa@gmail.com

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is it okay to reuse glitter tattoo stencils?

We get asked often if it is okay to reuse glitter tattoo stencils.  We recommend using one glitter tattoo stencil per person for a number of reasons.

The first reason is simply, hygiene.  Even though you may clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before applying the stencil, hair and skin cells are going to stick to the stencil.  If you reuse the stencil, those skin cells are going to be transferred to the next person, and then the next.  The ick factor alone is enough to decide to use one stencil per person, but read on!

While it’s not difficult to remove a shimmer tattoo stencil, they can sometimes get
damaged during removal.  A rip, tear, or stretching of the stencil will not ruin the glitter tattoo if you are only using it on that one tattoo.  If however, you were planning on reusing it, you may run into problem.  Also, taking the extra time to ensure that the stencil comes off perfect will cost you in the long run if you are working a big paid event and counting on turn over!  

The last reason we’ll mention today is the fact that every time glitter tattoo glue is spread over a tattoo stencil, it will dry.  When it dries over the tiny details in your tattoo stencil, that design will not be as crisp, and if used again, will compromise the look of the tattoo.

The YBody glitter tattoo stencils start at $0.60, so if you do 20 stencils in an hour, that’s a cost of $12.  Most of us who are doing this professionally are charging much more than that per hour.  If you are doing festival type events, charging $5 per tattoo is pretty typical, so $4.50 per tattoo is a great profit!

Not enough profits?  Consider buying in bulk. $0.60 may sound like a lot per stencil but our website offers an automatic discount when buying in bulk.  Our stencils instantly become wholesale when ordered in large quantities.

You can visit our site to see how you can save as much as 35% off your stencil purchase to lower the cost of your supplies even more.  Whether you do this for fun or have a small business, the health of your skin should be a priority! After all, it is the largest organ in our body, and picking up a contagious skin rash from a child (or adult) should never be a chance you take for yourself or your clients J

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you poof or do you brush?

If you ask 50 different glitter tattoo artists if they
“poof” the glitter onto their tattoos, or if they brush the glitter on, you’d probably get 25 who poof glitter and 25 who brush glitter.  

There are benefits to both and it’s really about what you are most comfortable with. (This glitter tattoo artist has tried both poofing and brushing, and prefers to brush, just for the record!)

The easiest way to brush glitter on is using the Ybody pop-up cups.  It displays all of your glitter colors beautifully, it is easy to use and very compact to travel. Once you have the glue applied over top of your shimmer tattoo stencil and it has started to turn transparent you are ready to brush on the glitter.  Open each color individually, dip your glitter application brush into the glitter and brush it exactly where you would like that glitter to be on the design

If brushing is not your cup of tea, Ybody has many options when it comes to poofer bottles. Again, it just comes down to your preference for look and feel.  You can get the whole pre-filled 12 color set, or check out all of our different poofer bootles here and fill your own.  To poof glitter on, apply the shimmer tattoo glue to the stencil, wait for it to start to dry, then apply the glitter by gently squeezing or tapping the bottle over the design, starting in the center. 

It’s going to come down to what is quickest and most comfortable for you.  We’re here to help you.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!  ybodyusa@gmail.com

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great New Products

We have gotten a lot of great new products in stock over the last few weeks, so we wanted to do a quick overview, so you didn’t miss out!

Stencils and Stencil Sets:
Glitter tattoo stencil, Temporary tattoos, Henna Tattoos, Airbrush Tattoo Stencil,We have some great new glitter tattoo stencils you need to check out.   From moustaches to sugar skulls and pretty floral peace signs, we have a bunch of new designs to make your glitter tattoos really shimmer!

Glitter Tattoo Stencil Kit,  shimmer tattoos, henna Tattoos, Airbrush tattoo Stencil KitIf you want to take the work out of choosing which stencil designs to choose, let us do the work for you.  We have glitter tattoo stencil sets all put together for any type of party or event you may be hosting or working.  Our newest stencil sets are the Spooky Halloween, Pirate Treasure, and Princess Garden.  Each of these sets come with 5 of each stencil and a laminated poster to display your choices.  These three new glitter tattoo stencil sets are in addition to 10 other great choices we already have.  Make sure you take a look!

Stencil for face and body decorIf you are a face painter, or use Colorini, we have added to our TAPS stencil collection as well!  These little stencils add depth and interest to any of your face paintings and are great fun to use.  The soccer ball can be a life saver when you are working a big event with a long line, and with Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up in October, why not save yourself and buy and awareness ribbon stencil?  Add a little glitter poof and you are done!

Probably the biggest news around here is the addition of our line of T-shirts!  Everyone who has seen them has fallen in love.  Whether you are a glitter artist, body artist, do balloons or henna, we have a t-shirt for you!  These t-shirts will provide you with an instant uniform for your next festival or gig.  You’ll look professional and festive!
Glitter Queen Tshirts, glittery shirts, shimmer

Hopefully this run-down on our newest products has inspired you a bit.  If you have a great idea for a new product, please, let us know!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Art Pen for Freehand Glitter Tattoos

The newest craze in glitter tattoos:  the art pen!

For those of you who may not have heard, this is the newest way of applying glitter tattoo glue without using a stencil to create a freehand shimmer tattoo.  It’s really simple to use!  The glitter tattoo glue comes out of the pen through a small opening much like ink would come out of a regular pen.  If you’d rather brush on your glitter tattoo glue, there is also a fine tipped brush included.  Create swirls, dots and lines easily by gently squeezing the body of the pen.  Once your glitter tattoo glue has dried to  transparent, you can make your tattoo shimmer by brushing or poofing on Ybody glitter.

If you have not tried the glitter tattoo art pen to create beautiful freehand shimmer tattoos – what are you waiting for?  This has been all the talk on the glitter tattoo forums, and it’s a great way to flex your creativity muscles while applying gorgeous shimmer designs. 

Even those of you who have already taken the plunge and gotten yourself a glitter tattoo art pen may still have some questions.  Is this going to replace my need for glitter tattoo stencils?  Can I use Ybody Colorini in my art pen?  What is the best glitter tattoo glue to use?

If you are doing a large event or birthday party where you need to apply glitter tattoos to a large number of clients, stencils are going to be the way to go.  For a smaller party, or one where you have plenty of time, break out the glitter tattoo art pen, and give each client their own unique freehand shimmer design!

YES!  YBody Colorini works beautifully in the art pen.  The only piece of advice we would offer is not to store the Colorini in the art pens for too long.  Only add a small amount of Ybody Colorini to your pen at a time, so that it does not dry out in your pen.

We believe that Ybody Pink glue is the best suited for the glitter tattoo art pen.  It is thin enough to run smoothly from the tip without getting clogged.  Plus, (in case you didn’t know) it is FDA registered, and has been successfully tested by the European Health Administration. 

Again, since Ybody is now only selling the nail art pens empty we caution you to only fill with the amount you are planning on using.  Do not store your glue in the pen, as it is not air-tight and will dry out.

How do you like the glitter tattoo art pen?  Send us your work, we’d love to see your freehand creations!  ybodyusa@gmail.com

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Freehand Glitter Tattoos Over Real Tattoo. Tattoo Artist: Dara Lightle
This blog post has been in the making (in my head) for a long time, I hope you find the information useful. I have been fortunate to travel the US and meet so many body artists and teach marketing classes – I am truly blessed.

The topic of copyright law is always hot whenever I bring it up, I thought I should share it in writing here.

First I must state that the information I am going to provide you with has been collected from lawyer advisors that I hired for help with my business and Ybody, and also from my experience as a graphic designer and commercial artist for over 14 years.

No, I am not a lawyer, I am one of many artists in this world who spend countless hours creating original logos, symbols and stencils from scratch daily.

When I was in college for my BFA studies for commercial art, I was taught that copyright rules are as follows:

When you create your logo using an existing font, you must change it by at least 20% from the original font in order for it to be called “your own art”. For instance, if you take a font like Curls (I know you all LOVE IT) and remove some of the curls and change up the thickness of the letters and maybe the height of the letters it is now your own logo and you could potentially copyright it. (Curls is so overused I hope you can come up with something better)

Once you create an original design it is automatically yours for Life + 80 years (you own it for 80 additional years after you die, but if you sell or will your design to someone else, they are the ones that have Life +80) if you don’t pass the rights on, after 80 years it becomes public domain. (I think a peace sign would be a good example for this scenario.)

With that bit of information a few questions come to mind: 

          1. How much is 20%????? Since this is not something you can put on a scale or pour into a cup, how do we measure 20% difference in design?

      2. Can this law cross over to the rest of the design world? - I think this is the origin of all the Disney look-alike characters.  (20%)

So if I have to make a tattoo or face design and it is similar to or Hello Kitty by only maybe 50% resemblance is that legal? I can move the bow from the right to the left, make her nose a little fatter and reduce the amount of whiskers, will that be 20% off?

The clear answer to this question is NO, and the best way for me to explain it to you is as follows: 

If you have a design that is a Hello Kitty look-alike, and people buy it because it looks like Ms. Kitty that all the girls LOVE, then you are relying on someone else’s art work in order to promote your product – that is copyright infringement.  In one of my classes I met a student who explained it nicely.

If I go to a store and buy Hello Kitty fabric, and I come home and make a blanket out of it, then post it online and sell Hello Kitty blankets – that’s copyright infringement. I was able to promote my products because they looked like Hello Kitty.  I may have made the blankets, but the appeal was due to the character.

So how does it apply to our market of face and body art you ask?

It is simple.

If your business relies on other art sources in order to book parties and gigs, that is copyright infringement. But, once you are already at the festival or birthday party, and a little girl asks you to paint her like the famous kitty, maybe you should not deny her the pleasure (make your own judgment call).

My recommendation is to make sure your website and your marketing tools such as postcards and business cards do not have copyrighted subject matters. Keep your work original and clean – make sure the variety you display shows your skills as an artist.  Trust your client to figure out that you can paint anything the kids would like.

The quality of your art is what will sell you the best, not your ability to paint a cat or a mouse of any kind. You will find that even without displaying famous characters you will still have a line and make loads of happy faces! 

When it comes to glitter tattoos, my suggestion, based on a lot of research and pricy lawyer advice, is for you to take down all the characters just like I did.  (I know you are gasping)  I did too… I took ALL my best sellers off the shelf! I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t a scary choice!  After all, I run a business that has employees, what kind of a risk am I taking by removing ALL of our best sellers?  I had to do it!

Here’s why:

I learned that if I sell look alike designs I am putting ALL of YOU at risk!
Since there is no way for us (Ybody) to legally assume responsibility, once you buy those stencils you are at fault too… you can NEVER blame your supplier.  I learned that even if I did purchase the license to sell those characters, the license to sell and profit from stencils, would not transfer to you when you purchased them!

Its one thing to take that (dumb) risk with my own business, but if I make all of you make the same mistake I must be a criminal!  You know me, Jewish mom, I could not sleep at night thinking that I possibly put hundreds of self employed individuals at legal risk. So off they went… all my ‘besties’!

I quickly learned that the kids at the festival didn’t even miss the cat or the mouse, they where just so thrilled to get some glitter on! We replaced those popular images with age appropriate new designs and tested it at a local watermelon festival that generates about 20,000 people in 6 hours. No one was missing them. No one even asked about the cat or the mouse!  We had so many smiling kids and happy parents come visit us.  Even more than years before, and now that the glitter tattoos are more popular the kids spot us from far away and get super excited! 

The truth is, even if the 20% law applies to the popular characters, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sanrio (Hello Kitty) all have enough money to put us out of business in a blink of an eye… and if you ever wonder how much the licensing cost per character is, well, we checked on that too.  They run about $30,000 EACH CHARACTER per year just for the right to use the graphic before you even start producing the designs. 

Now think about your tattoo board and do the math, is it worth it?  Your business? Your reputation?

There is one more thought I want to leave with you, I often see some artists post on threads on Facebook about other artists stealing photos of artwork and use them to promote another business, I know you guys get furious, and I know its emotionally draining and upsetting, If just for once you remember that feeling when someone uses your artwork on a business card or a website, it may help you remember to avoid doing it to others.

I hope you find this information helpful,
Thank you for reading.

Tal Thompson,
Ybody LLC (USA)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We listened :)

Two weeks ego we posted the info for a new video contest!
We were so excited to see what you would come up with, but quickly we learned that maybe its not the time for a video contest :( 


We are changing it up!

The new contest theme is Ybody Freehand.
You can submit freehand body art that is made with Ybody products! colorini, glitter etc

The contest starts TODAY 7.16.2013 and will end 7.25. 2012 at Midnight EST.


1. Your Design must include Ybody products. You may add face/body paint if you wish.
2. The word Ybody must be included in your design somewhere.
3. Your image must be rated PG so we can post it on our Facebook page (covered nips)
4. Submission will be done via email. Send us an email with your contact and entry and we will post it on our page for you. the email for submission is: bodyart.usa@gmail.com

5. Once an image was uploaded to our page, you will have your friends voting by placing the word VOTE as a comment under your image.  No other words or likes will be counted as a vote. 

6. In order to win you need to have the most amount of valid ""vote" comments under your image.

7. You may NOT use any service to "buy" or "trade" votes, we know they are out there, those must be real friends voting for you.  If you get caught farming for vote services you will automatically disqualify (we have had this happen in  the past so please play fair)

 8. The prize is a Pro kit retailed at $140 Glitter Tattoo Kit Prize

let the games begin!!!!!!!!! 
Have fun with it
<3 Ybody USA

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Finally! The time has come to play again! This time we are going to do it all different! Remember the Funny guy that 

made a Ybody Video???

We really want to see what you come up with!!! 
Here is how you join this amazing contest:

1. Record a video about Ybody Glitter Tattoos with your phone or camera. (It does not have to be top quality).
2. The video MUST be at least 30 seconds long.
3. The video MUST mention Ybody and show a Ybody Product. (anything from our website)
4. The video must have our website in it somehow (you can write it on your cheek, you can post it behind you, you can add it with caption ... BE creative!
5. The video cannot have a tattoo stencil from other companies (its our contest).
6. The Video MUST BE RATED PG13 !!!  if you want to do something sexy make sure the nips are covered!
7. Once the video is done email it to us at bodyart.usa@gmail.com and title your email "Contest Entry" please include your name, Address, age and Phone number.

Please DO NOT upload the video to youtube, we will present all the Videos as they enter the contest and we will post them on our Ybody youtube channel.

The winning video will be a combo of both online votes and Ybody Team Votes.
Video Submission will be accepted starting today through July 2oth and the winner will be announced on Monday July 22nd. You can enter as many times as you want! 

There are no other limitations, the secrete to win is....make us laugh! you can use any other medias with it, Body paint, songs, tricks... your kids , your pets :) -- whatever works! 
We hope you enjoy the process!!!

By entering the contest you give Ybody LLC  the right to use the video on our web page, nd social media as we see fit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We would like to start by wishing everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow 2012 just ended so quickly we are just now getting back into the groove..

There are so many exciting things coming soon to our web store and social media make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list so you can always be up to date on the news.

The first contest this year will be dedicates to Valentines day! yes its cheesy but when it comes to tattoos, hearts will never be out of style!  Here are some things to keep in mind if you choose to join the fun.

1. Anyone can join, this contest is not restricted by age, gender, or location.

2. You must play by the rules.

3. Each submission will be done via email. Our email address is ybodyusa@gmail.com . We will create a Facebook photo album that will be dedicated to this contest and we will be uploading the images on your behalf. This will help eliminate Facebook image view restrictions that we have had in the past - This time everyone gets the same view.

4. You can enter the contest at any time (up until the last hour of the contest if you think you can gather the votes)

5. In order to WIN THIS CONTEST you need to have the largest amount of  votes on your image in a form of a comment of the word "VOTE" under your artwork.

6. You MAY NOT buy, recycle, reuse. borrow trade or or use and third party engine in order to generate vote. Ybody keep the right to disqualify any contestant at any time if we find evidence to dishonest voting.

7. The contest starts now and will end on MONDAY 14th at 9am EST.

8. The winner will be announced on this blog so you may choose to subscribe to it in order to be updated on the winner to your mailbox.

9. This contest is created for all of us to have fun!  please try to create something new and exciting!

10. You may use additional media to make your artwork AMAZING! face paint body paint airbrush jems and hot models are all acceptable as long as the image is Kosher for facebook!

11. The winner will receive a Professional glitter tattoo kit that is the perfect start-up to any small business. you may vie the prize by visiting our website at: http://www.shopglittertattoos.com or view the youTube video below.

13. If you are an international winner we kindly ask that you cover the cost of shipping of the kit.

14. By submitting your artwork for this competition, you are giving Ybody LLC the Right to use your photo for advertising and promotional online and in print.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for joining us for this Fun themed contest! 
Ybody USA!