Friday, April 28, 2017

Glitter 101

I'm baaaa-aaack!

Hey painty peeps, it's me! Your favorite blog writer, Ashley!  I hope y'all had a nice winter... hopefully it wasn't too slow, or (dare I say) too busy?

I'm back at the blog today to share with you all that you could ever really want to know about the Art Factory glitters!

So let's get this party started!

First off we have our Rainbow Crystal Body Glitter!   This stuff is the best, and here's why!

  • It's translucent (kind of see through) so it looks amazing on top of face paint
  • It's available in a whole Rainbow of colors!  Click HERE to pick some up!
  • You can mix and match different colors on top of different paints for different looks!  Match pink glitter to pink paint, or mix it up.  Pink on top of purple is a personal favorite of mine. 
Now for the SWATCHES!!!

So... I wanted to show you what the glitter looks like by itself, and on top of paint.. so first, Here it is all by itself, just glitter.  To make the glitter hearts, I just dipped my wet brush into the glitter and then drew a heart.

Sooooo pretty right?!

Now here they are on top of similar face paint colors.  I added a plain face paint heart under each swatch so that you could see how well the translucent glitters can match whatever color you use underneath!

Next up we have Rainbow Laser Body Glitter!  Whoa, is this glitter from the future?! I don't know... maybe! But for right now it is the coolest holographic glitter at the Art Factory, and here's why!

  • It's holographic, which means that when it sparkles in the sunshine, you can see a whole rainbow of colors reflected back to you, no matter what the actual color of the glitter!!!
  • Laser Body Glitter is opaque, making it perfect for glitter tattoos.  It works great as a face paint glitter as well.  I like to place Laser Glitter on top of it's matching face paint color, so pink on pink, green on green, etc.
  • This type of glitter comes in a full seven delicious colors.... yum! Click HERE to pick some up!

Now for the SWATCHES!!!

And here is a different picture, where you can better see the holographic nature of the laser glitters... Notice the gold, blue, and silver colors reflected in the Lavender and Rose...  Laser glitter is magic!

Next up we have the Rainbow Jewel Body Glitters!  These jewel toned glitters are amazing, and here's why!

  • They are opaque(nothing can be seen through it,) which means that they are perfect for glitter tattoos.
  • The Rainbow Jewel Glitters come in 12 colors, including black! Click HERE to pick some up!
  • When paired with their matching color(e.g. red glitter on red paint) it creates an amazing jewel effect!  Did you know that pretty much any Jewel glitter looks amazing on top of black paint?!  It's true! Check it out in the swatches below!

Imagine putting Black Jewel Glitter on top of the eyes of a skull face paint!  It would look so cool!

And last but not least, we have Bridal Body Glitter!!!!   This stuff is kind of amazing, and here's why!

  • At first when you look at Bridal Glitter, you think, oh it's silver, but then you take a closer look and it pulls you in.. and you realize that it's somewhere in between a warm, antique silver, and chrome... it's pretty hypnotizing.
  • The Bridal Glitter looks amazing on top of white!  It's just sooo pretty!  It's like someone took an antique mirror and turned it into glitter.
  • Bridal Glitter is opaque, so it's perfect for glitter tattoos, but looks just as amazing on top of face paint. And because it's the warm silver color, it looks good on top of... well... any color in the rainbow pretty much.  Click HERE to pick some up!

Check it out in this swatch!  The first heart is just the plain glitter, the next heart is Bridal on top of white face paint, and then just a plain white heart with no glitter.

So, what do yall think?  Do you love the Art Factory glitters as much as I do?  I hope so!  To get some for yourself, check out the Art Factory Webstore HERE!

Thanks so much and happy painting!!  Tell me about your favorite Art Factory Rainbow Glitter in the comments!


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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Small Business - Dare to dream..

Facebook has been recently giving me a lot of food for thought…
I watched the discussion in the face painting groups and it made me realize that it is possible that I have not communicated who we are clear enough…

Remember this Photo circulating on Facebook? 


Gosh it made us all feel so good!
YES! I want to support a little girl’s dance lesson and not a billionaire vacation home…

I find that our industry is very much the same..
As an online storeowner I often forget that the majority of our customers have never met us! Here at the art factory, we often have visitors, and our local ties with the community are just getting stronger.
Parents meet us at school after an art class or choose to celebrate their kid’s birthday party with us. Later that week I may bump into the same parent at the grocery store in my PJs.  We are a living part of our local community.

When you shop online, you are greeted with a colorful page, not a smiling face. We want to believe that we know most of our customers but that is a really big wish.
We LOVE meeting you at conferences and try really hard to travel as much as possible.

Sometimes when you visit an online store. You get the illusion of a huge company.
But really the Art Factory is a small business. We are artists, moms and family, working together to grow with our community.  

We test every product that we add to our store to make sure the quality and purpose is made perfect for our industry. We spend money on testing, shipping, buying, taking a chance and hoping you will love what we have to offer. We stock our shelf with thousands of dollars of product so you can have a nice selection.

Most of all… we listen to your wishes and requests and sometimes dare to dream.

And the same goes on for so many things we do.

I am telling you all this because I thought you should know, that when you buy from a body art supply store, you support a family, and most importantly, you are supporting your own industry.

As we grow, we will always spend our money on developing new tools, better resources, and more products. We will put it back into our community because it is our passion and our dream, and we are artists just like you. 

You may find our prices a tad more expensive than your local craft store or amazon, and that is because we can’t buy in bulk as they do… sadly, manufacturers will not give us the same wholesale price. (Not fair I know)  and no, we are not building a vacation dream house in the Bahamas J. 

If you are an artist, you already know that we live to art. Owning a small business is just another way to support our passion and connect with more of those with the same dream.

Thank you for shopping with us, supporting our family and community. 




Thursday, March 23, 2017

Glitter Contest Winner Announcement!

And the winner of our glitter contest is... 
Manuela Leder! 
We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our Glitter Contest is the lovely Manuela Leder. Her Chinese Dragon was absolutely inspired and inspiring! We loved her use of color and composition to create her dynamic design and the overall effect with the glitter just blew us away! She won a Pro Glitter Kit with 100 tattoos~ up to a $120 value! 

A very close second place is Kayla Horton! 
We loved her cute style and use of all the colors in the rainbow! She has won a second place prize~ one of our freehand glitter tattoo kits! 

It was a very difficult decision picking a winner! We had so many great designs and tattoos submitted and we want to thank each and every one of our contestants! Our close-knit community is built by people like you who engage and interact! We also want to thank all of you who liked and commented on our Facebook Page; your support is so appreciated!

The Glitter Contest was an unequivocal success thanks to everyone involved! We hope you had fun- we know we did!

Stay glittery everyone!

Love from,
The Art Factory Team

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2017 Contest: Show Us Your Sparkle!

Show us your SPARKLE Contest!
This March we are launching a contest to find the best GLITTER Body
Art out there! The rules are simple: your art HAS to have glitter, you have to email a quality picture to by March 18th at Midnight EST, and you have to have FUN!

We want to see your beautiful artwork- show us some creativity!
The winner of our contest will receive a Pro Glitter Kit of your choice valued up to $120! 
Let's see some amazing work Art Lovers!

Rules and Regulations:

1. Anyone can join, this contest is not restricted by age, gender, or location.
2. You must play by the rules.

3. Each submission will be done via email. Our email address is We will create a Facebook photo album that will be dedicated to this contest and we will be uploading the images on your behalf. This will help eliminate Facebook image view restrictions that we have had in the past - This time everyone gets the same view.

4. You can enter the contest at any time. 
5. The contest submissions start now and will end on SATURDAY MARCH 18th at Midnight EST.

6. You may use additional media to make your artwork AMAZING! Face paint, body paint, airbrush, gems, and hot models are all acceptable as long as the image is Kosher for Facebook!
7. The winner will receive a Professional glitter tattoo kit that is the perfect start-up to any small business. You may vie the prize by visiting our website at:

8. If you are an international winner we kindly ask that you cover the cost of shipping of the kit.
9. By submitting your artwork for this competition, you are giving Ybody LLC the right to use your photo for advertising and promotional online and in print.
10. The winner will be chosen on Monday, March 20th and will be announced on our Facebook page  and blog.

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Winter Blowout Sale!


50% off Glitter Tattoo Supplies! 

It’s that time of year again! Our third annual Winter Sale is here!  Now is the time to stock up on all of your favorite glitter tattoos products at 50% off!!

Now, for the details…  

The following products will be 50% at checkout:
*Body glue will be shipped at your own risk of freezing.  We cannot replace frozen glue that is purchased at 50% off.

The rules:

  • Custom orders and banner kits are not eligible for this sale.
  • Orders using the coupon code will not be able to take advantage of free shipping.  
    You MUST purchase shipping for your order to be fulfilled.
  • Due to the high volume of orders, please understand if your order doesn’t go out as quickly as it normally would.
  • If you have any questions about the sale, please contact info@artfactorystore before placing your order.  We will be happy help!
  • You MUST use coupon code LETITSNOW17 to receive the discount (this offer is not available retroactively)
  • Offer expires on January 12th @ Midnight EST 
  • Sorry, we are unable to offer the discount when you shop in person at the store. This sale is for online orders only there is simply too much going on during such sale for us to be able to give you the proper service. 
  • Orders placed during this sale must be either shipped your way or picked up within 5 business days. We cannot offer delivery during kidvention the up coming conference in DC.
    We would love to hear what you think about our new website! Please leave us a comment when you check out <3
    Enjoy the sale and be safe wherever you may be…  

    Click here to shop all glitter tattoos goodies :)